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Indonesian know as the ginger producer with High Quality and Quanitity

Ginger is a rhizome plant that include in spices category with the Latin name Zingiber Officinale. Ginger is very beneficial for everyday life, especially in the field of health. Furthermore, ginger plant is relatively easy to find and its has been expanded not only for cooking purposes, but also for health, and beauty.

Most Asian people use ginger for medication, seasoning and beauty care. This rhizome, known for its hot taste and fragrant smell, is often used to cast away nausea or colds that are common when people are under the weather. The warmth produced by ginger’s essential oil is beneficial for one’s health as it fights the symptoms of flu, ensures smooth digestion and increases the body’s resistance to foreign pathogens. “Indonesians usually carry ginger drinks when traveling to cold regions. Even if other countries have such drinks, ginger remains a favorite of Asians and especially Indonesians,” Karina said. The active component of ginger is called gingerols, which is antibacterial and responsible for the warm sensation and comfortable feeling after sweating. Through processing, ginger can serve as an anti-inflammation herb, promote immunity, relieve menstrual pain and offer other health benefits.

Our Spesification

Varieties  : Fresh Ginger

Origin : Indonesia

Skin : Smooth and Clean

Color : Yellow

Size : 100,200,300 grams up

Grade : one

Cultivation type : Common

Packing :  25 kgs Mesh Bag

Supply ability : 300-500 mt / month

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